From the fortune of good relationships

RECARO does not think of itself only as a product company, but primarily as a partner – partner to the automobile industry and partner with all people related to the company. This high demand affects collaboration with customers, importers, dealers, suppliers, as well as the attitude of the company towards its employees.

And like in every good partnership, RECARO would like to fulfil multiple roles: RECARO creates ideas if you need valuable input. RECARO is a creative partner – if you would like to try out different possibilities. RECARO is a problem solver – when the problem at hand is especially tricky. RECARO is an innovation leader – if you would like to discover new possibilities. RECARO is a discussion partner – if you are looking for open and critical dialogue. RECARO is a team player – if you would like a trustworthy and dependable sparring partner on your side. RECARO is a good sportsman – if you value fairness and honesty. In short, RECARO is the ideal partner for a common future.

If you are interested in a partnership with RECARO, you should fulfil the following prerequisites:

You have:

  • experience in collaboration with the automobile industry
  • a certification per TS16949 or QS 9000 ff / VDA 6.1 or you will soon qualify for this

Beyond this, you are ready:

  • to offer competitive pricing and to agree on price targets with us
  • to establish long-time-agreements with us
  • to implement rationalization potentials systematically
  • to establish confidentiality agreements with use
  • to accept standard contract conditions, including our supply and payment conditions
  • to establish general and part-specific quality assurance agreements with us
  • to operate cost-effectively concerning technical changes and discontinued products
  • to maintain the IMDS system (International Material Data System) for your scope of deliveries
  • to setup an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
  • to exchange CAD data via CATIA
  • to introduce initial samples according to VDA and/or ppap
  • maintain specifications on quality goals (e.g. ppm rates)
  • to react flexibly to our deadline requirement situation
  • to maintain our routing order specifications
  • to ensure the spare part supply after the series is discontinued
  • to have an emergency strategy
  • to name a main contact person (key account) and to ensure 24-hour accessibility, even on the weekend.

Have we gotten your interest? Then please fill out our supplier self-information.