Four RECARO products have been awarded the internationally-recognized seal of approval of the AGR, the Campaign for Healthier Backs – an independent confirmation of their high quality ergonomics. In the course of an AGR certification, the products under consideration must demonstrate their back-friendly design to an independent testing commission made up of experts from several different medical disciplines. RECARO’s Ergomed aftermarket car seats (models E and ES) and the RECARO Style seats (Sportline and Topline models) convinced the experts across the board. According to AGR, “all of the RECARO seats tested met the experts’ demanding catalog of criteria to an exceptional degree”.

The two RECARO car seats were praised by the AGR experts for their “design which is especially supportive of spinal column health, as well as their many different adjustment possibilities.” In the case of the RECARO Ergomed as well as the RECARO Style, these include the ability to adjust the seat’s length, height and tilt to optimally distribute pressure throughout the seat, as well as its freely adjustable two-chamber lumbar support.

Ergonomics & Comfort

  • Seats are made for people, but people have their problems with seating.
  • Sitting in a car for an extended period puts particular strain on the back as there is no freedom for compensatory movement and many seats put pressure on one side of the spine.
  • RECARO Automotive Seating can look back on decades of experience in developing and constructing car seats, with quality, safety, design and seating comfort as the abiding essential elements of our philosophy.

Functions of a car seat ...

  • Supports the occupant’s body under all driving conditions.
  • Offers adequate protection and body support in the event of an accident.
  • Allows for extended sitting without fatigue by relieving stress on the body’s muscular system.
  • Provides a contour matched to the vehicle and the occupant (sports seat, comfort seat, etc.) without restricting movement.

Back pain is the most common reason for visiting the doctor, accounting for almost 50 million sick days annually in Germany. Those most affected are people engaged in repetitive physical activities, especially frequent drivers.

Driving for hours in a forced posture without any compensatory movement is harmful to the back. Ergonomically incorrect sitting postures (such as “swayback”) further exacerbate the negative effects. This quickly leads to abrasion of the spinal disc and to back problems.

The best answer to this problem are ergonomic seats from RECARO Automotive Seating, which adapt ideally to the occupant and meet the highest standards for comfort and design.

Seats from RECARO Automotive Seating follow this philosophy and are always a guarantor of ergonomically and orthopedically correct seating. They play an essential role in improving quality of life by sustaining health and providing greater motivation and active/passive safety.

Online advice from RECARO on all aspects of sitting correctly

What is actually the correct way to sit in a vehicle? Along with active exercises for a healthy back, sitting in the correct way is an important prerequisite for a life free from back problems. Of course, when you're in a car or at the wheel of a commercial vehicle is not the time for any form of dynamic sitting. However, if you use the adjustments on your seat correctly and know what an ideal sitting position should look like in anatomical terms, then it should be possible to avoid back problems even if you spend a large part of your life driving.

RECARO has been working hand-in-hand with back professionals for many years and has accumulated a great deal of know-how related to ergonomics and the correct way to sit in a vehicle. Not only is this knowledge - along with other input - fed into the development and production of our seats. It is also intended to be available for those who visit our website and would like to use it as a basis for the health of their own backs. You can therefore click on the following links to find plenty of important information on all aspects of correct posture at the wheel.

Correct seat adjustment in a car

Correct seat adjustment in a commercial vehicle